Sunday Stamping #4 New Adhesive Find

Before I go right into the great adhesive I just found, I want to tell you, tomorrow is the last day you can sign up for Paper Pumpkin to get the exclusive kit from our CEO! I don't know what's in it but I'm super excited to find out! I hear there is some new "in color " in the package. This time of year is so fun because as a demonstrator I get to see the new catalog stuff before it's available to you! This time though, you can participate in the feeling by ordering Sara's exclusive Paper Pumpkin Kit.

I love the convenience of Paper Pumpkin! Every month an all-inclusive kit arrives in my mailbox with everything ready to go for a fun project or card making. You can sign up today so you don't miss the April kit, designed by Stampin' Up! CEO Sara Douglass, here:

You know, you can't put together a card without adhesive.  What you may not know is there is a difference in the adhesive you choose. The difference is in the look, the outcome, the end result of the literal work of art you slave over for hours, half hours and even days because there are some days I just walk away. You can't force creativity people! What you can do is choose the right adhesive. You can't just go using Elmer glue(although, that stuff is really great for other stuff). I'll tell you what I usually choose while also acknowledging I have a slight addiction to everything adhesive and that makes me extremely qualified to give input on the subject, albeit a bit biased. 

Every card needs the typical dry adhesive tape to adhere layers of card stock and pattern paper, and an easy go to when you're putting together layers.  My go to is always snail adhesive by Stampin' Up! It's the exact same thing as tombow tape runner you can buy at Michaels, ours just looks cooler because it color coordinates with everything Stampin' Up!.

 I also use Stampin' Up! fast fuse for those sturdier, thicker pieces of my cards I want stuck down for life! Fast fuse is the best at making sure everything is secure. It gives you piece of mind when your card is finished. Then again, you better make sure you like the way your card is because once it's down, there is no rearranging.

Most of the cards I make I choose to pop something up. Dimension on a card is a wonderful way to show off design or just make an instant impact to your recipient.  Dimension is essential and in some instances you may only need a little but in others you made need a lot.  For those little moments I like to use the Stampin' Up! dimensionals.  The backing comes off so easily and they can be used on small parts of your card.  When I want to go big, as in, the entire length of my card, I use Scotch foam tape, until now...

The Scotch tape is great but it's expensive! The price has been going up on this stuff every year I've used it and it's been several years now.  As I was getting down to the end of my roll of Scotch foam tape, I went in search of an alternative and boy did I find one!!!

This stuff is comparable yet better. It's better because the adhesive is much stronger yet it's the same dimension and the same amount (volume, not price) as the Scotch foam tape! Same amount, a third of the price(it's only 9.95)? Yes please!  I bought two rolls and believe you me, they will last awhile. I'm not an affiliate or anything, I'm just a fellow Amazon prime member, card maker, craft lover, that knows this hobby is expensive!

Cheers for saving some money this Stamping Sunday! See you next week!


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