Monday, October 2, 2017

Sayonara Sunday Stamping

I have been MIA for awhile on my blog and feel like I have some 'splaining to do...I got a full time job. I haven't worked a full time job in eighteen years. When I had my daughter (she's 18 now) I went to part time work so I could take care of her, then to full time stay at home mom when I had my second daughter. We never wanted anyone else taking care of our kids, and like so many other parents out there, we decided I would only work part time if needed while we raised our kids.

I was so fortunate to have the opportunity to be there for my children when they needed me most. I have to say that it was and always has been a conscious choice. Life is full of choices and we chose to have two wonderful children with a Mom who could stay home to raise them.

I know what it's like to be left to daycare, preschools, babysitters and family members while growing up and I never wanted that for my own children. I have great respect and honor for my own Mother and all she sacrificed for her children but I never wanted the same for mine and I know she understands. We do what we have to do with the circumstances that are upon us and my Mom did the best she could with what she had. I love her so much for all she has done for not only me but for all my siblings.

I started working last month. I have to say, it was not easy. The work was completely fulfilling as I was helping the elderly at a rehabilitation center and nursing home just minutes from my house. It didn't take long before I felt I was being taken advantage of in my job. To say the facility is understaffed is the understatement of the year! I completely enjoyed every resident I was fortunate to meet. They were the most genuine and kind people I've met in many years but I couldn't stay. I start a new part time job in three days.

I have a great appreciation now for those who work a full time job and continue to make time for all the things they love. I love card making and crafts. I could not do both while working my full time, physically exhausting job. Something had to give and my creativity not only gave but took a nose dive to nonexistence.

I'm fortunate now that I have secured a part time job for a locally owned business that I can now devote some much needed time to my cards and crafts.  I didn't realize how important these things were to me, not only for my sanity but for joy in my life. I literally live to create! I cannot fathom a world without being able to have the wonderful creative outlet that I'm blessed to share with not only you but all my family and friends.

My new job will afford me the opportunity to help my family financially and also be present in my creativity. I feel so blessed and fortunate. Thank you for your support and understanding that life happens. Enjoy the ride!

Funny, working hasn't seem to cut into my crafting shopping time, Lawn Fawn much?...
Oh, and I had to have all the new Mama Elephant release...

To be fair, I've created a couple cute cards with my new purchases...
And I have a couple duplicate stamp sets who need a new home. Stay tuned for a giveaway!!! Oh, and if you haven't guessed already I'm not doing the Sunday Stamping posts. I might go back to My Fave Mondays but I'm not sure. Just going to wing it for now. Life is too short to make plans!

Sunday, July 30, 2017

Sunday Stamping #14 To Watercolor or Not to Watercolor

That is the question...I decided, after a futile attempt to watercolor this card that it just wasn't worth it. So, the answer is not to watercolor. Copic Markers to the rescue!

Before we get into my card, I want to give a big THANK YOU to Patricia Allison. She is the winner of the triangle turnabout stamp! Patricia is also a follower of my Facebook page and always has the kindest words to say about my work. I appreciate her so much, especially since she was the only one who took the time to comment on my post. I am so happy to send her some crafty goodies in the mail!

One of the great things about social media is that it allows me to share my passion for card making  along with meeting people who share in my passion. The unfortunate part of social media is that it is selective on the audience my work reaches on the interwebz. Honestly, it's frustrating to say the least. I have several followers to my Instagram and Facebook page but because I don't pay for advertising (I have in the past) my accounts get hardly any views.

I would love the opportunity to have my cards be seen by everyone who follows me and to share with other crafters but it's becoming more difficult due to the restrictions of these social platforms. I can't see the benefit of having giveaways unless there is participation. So, as of now, I've decided on a "wait and see" approach to future giveaways.
The card I made today features stamps from Unity Stamp Co. Their Facebook page, UNITY (show & tell) hosts bi monthly card challenges. This challenge was Christmas themed. I decided to participate this time because I've had this stamp for over a year now and have never used it! Isn't that awful? It's so cute but what I've found out is that it is time consuming to color.

Don't get me wrong, I love to color!  I am fortunate to have nearly every color medium at my fingertips but wouldn't you know, I reached for my distress inks in order to watercolor this one and what a mistake that was.
Distress inks are so much fun to watercolor with. They're formulated to react with water so why wouldn't you want to use them to watercolor a stamped image?  I'll tell you, when the image has so many details, especially within the image, it's not a good idea to watercolor unless you are blessed with the patience to allow each image to dry before moving on to the next. Even then, the water can reactivate the dry pigment and cause the colors to bleed into one another.  That's what happened here, along with ink on my fingers and then transferring the ink onto my card front. What a mess!  What was I thinking?

I decided to break out my much neglected Copic Markers and give them a try. I did all basic coloring, no blending. I'm a complete amateur when it comes to coloring with Copics. So, my advise is to always look at what you're stamping and consider the time and experience you have with a coloring medium before taking on the task. Experiment and embrace your faults but be realistic. Not everything works on the first try, no matter how much I WISH it would!

Happy stamping my friends!

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Sunday, July 23, 2017

Sunday Stamping #13 Create a Unique Background + Giveaway!!!

Today I'm featuring a stamp set that is really unique to the stamping industry. It allows you the opportunity to create a variety of backgrounds by using different stamp colors.  The possibilities are endless in what you can create given your available library of color! 

They have a video that explains how to use their stamps far better than I ever could. Here it is: 

Concord and 9th is a stamping company that is fairly new to me. I'm not ashamed to say I have already begun collecting their wares. They not only have the flower turnabout stamp, which is what I used to make my card but several other stamps, one of which I  purchased twice due to my lack of patience. The triangle turnabout stamp was sold out at one time. When I finally purchased it, I managed to add two to my cart.  

I'd like to make my mistake your advantage by sending one of my followers this amazing background stamp! All I ask is that you follow my blog and post your favorite color in the comment section below. There is nothing better than sharing handmade kindness. Thank you and happy stamping my friends!

Winner will be chosen in a week on Stamping Sunday #14 July 30, 2017. I will post the winner's name and you will have to contact me with your info if you do not wish to put it in the comment section, otherwise please include your email in the comment section. Thanks.

Sunday, July 9, 2017

Sunday Stamping #12 Christmas In July

You would think it difficult to get into the spirit of Christmas when the current temperature reads ninety three degrees outside but thanks to a comfortable air-conditioned, seventy degrees inside and Stampin' Up!'s Christmas Pines stamp set, it's not so difficult after all.

I was recently invited to attend a local Christmas in July craft fair. I'm so excited to share my Christmas cards and even sell a few but I didn't have a few made at all, let alone to sell!  I'm happy this stamp set carried over from last years catalog along with the matching dies. It has come in handy for some much needed inspiration on the short notice I received on the fair invite.

I have some awesome news if you want to get a head start on your Christmas card making! Make a purchase at my store of $50 retail and Stampin' Up! will give you a $5 coupon for every fifty you spend that you can use anytime next month (August 1-31)! It's like getting an early Christmas gift! I already have two!

Also, Stampin' Up!'s Christmas in July promotion makes it easier than ever to sign up to be a demonstrator! You will receive a FREE Essentials Gift Pack including Paper Snips, SNAIL Adhesive, Grid Paper, two D Blocks (one for you and one for a stamping friend!), and a Bone Folder. That’s an added value of $52! And to give you a taste of the perks of being a demonstrator, we will also include the Carols of Christmas Stamp Set from the holiday catalog for FREE ($20)! With so many basic items provided for you, you'll be able to get your brand new business off to a fast start—and spend your Starter Kit dollars on things like your favorite stamp sets and accessories! 
And if you're not interested in any of it, I'll always have current cards I make and occasional tips and techniques for you to apply to your own cards. Please come back to my blog, comment and subscribe.  
Happy stamping my friends! 

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Friday, June 30, 2017

Ink, Five Ways Day 5

It is the fifth day and I have done each technique on a new card to show you how you can use your inks in a new way.

Thanks so much for joining me. Happy Stamping my friends!

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Wednesday, June 28, 2017

Inks, Five Ways Day 4

Wow, what a day! I've been up since 5:30 this morning and I'm soooo not a morning person! My daughter had her first day of orientation at the University of Nevada Reno and you know, us parents will do ANYthing for our kids. Even if it means getting up at dark thirty to hold their daughter's hand for her first steps onto a college campus. 

So, please forgive me for my photo taking skills. I'm working on it! Practice makes better, right? The great part about this series is that it's more about the technique than anything. I notice after I make a card to showcase a technique, later that evening or the next day I come up with a better design or maybe a different way I could've done the first one. Not always but sometimes I do this and that's why I decided day five will be the best day in the series! I will take each day of different ways to use your inks and show another project I made! 

Today I have a super simple, yet effective, way to use your ink pad as a focal point on you card. And when I mean super simple, this is it:

All you have to do is take your card front, open your ink pad, align the pad where you want it and press down. Lift the ink pad off the paper and there you go, you have a focal point, ready made for you to embellish. I used Stampin' Up! Soft Sky ink for my card front and immediately thought, "sky" but then as I looked through my stamps and saw the Seaside Shore stamp set, I thought "water"!

Imagine the possibilities just by changing up the ink color. You could use yellow for a sunny focal point or light pink or blue for a baby card, soft green for florals. It's fun to think of different ways you can use your supplies, isn't it?

This is the card I made. I have to be honest I'm not thrilled with it. After stamping the images and right before I adhered those cute little fishes, I thought I'd outline the focal point in a black marker, you know, to make it stand out more. That didn't work but I just went with it and adhered my fishes and coated them with some Wink of Stella glitter pen. If a black outline doesn't work, glitter definitely will! Well, I was wrong again! The glitter pen acted like a water brush (duh) and muted my little fishes instead of enhancing them. We live and learn and tomorrow I will fully redeem myself by getting a do over of this process.

Happy stamping my friends! I hope you've enjoyed this series of five days, five ways. I'll see you tomorrow with all new cards showcasing these techniques!

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Tuesday, June 27, 2017

Inks, Five Ways Day 3

Did you know you can watercolor with your ink pads?  I've been making cards for over eleven years now and I didn't even know I could do that for about half the time!

I've always used my Distress Inks when water coloring on cards (and traditional watercolors) because they're specifically formulated to work with water. Don't get me wrong, Distress Inks are wonderful to work with but not everyone can afford to have every ink available. And there's a lot of them!

This card took me fifteen minutes tops! I felt so accomplished because I kid you not, I spend at least forty five minutes to an hour on every card I make. This would be a great card to mass produce (think Christmas) with any set of stamps.

I used Stampin' Up!'s Beautiful You stamp set for this card. I had yet to use this set from last years catalog. I'm so happy they decided to continue to carry it this year. It's a beautiful set with great sentiments. I also used several Stampin' Up! inks for my watercolor. Instead of listing them all out, I took a picture here:
When water coloring always use watercolor paper. Card stock can't hold all the water and will become warped and pill if overworked. Stampin' Up! does sell watercolor card stock packs but to be honest, I don't buy it. I highly recommend Canson XL watercolor paper. It's very inexpensive when regular priced but think big box store coupons! Yep, that's when I buy it, such a great deal and it's thick enough for card bases. I used it for the card base on this card.

Really, all you need to do to make this card is stamp out your images in archival black ink (it's waterproof) then add your color, with water of course! I took each ink pad and squeezed the top to the bottom before opening them to make my pallet. Then I dipped a wet brush into each color and applied it to my card front.
After the inks dried (I helped a bit with my heat gun)  I added some water to my black ink and used my brush to flick the black ink onto my card front to make a fun splatter. I love how the card turned out and how easy it was. I'm confident you can do this too and hope you'll give it a try!

Happy stamping my friends! Thanks for joining me and I'll see you tomorrow with another way to use your inks!

I try my best to hyperlink any products I mention in my post to my online store. If you are interested in purchasing any of the product mentioned, just click on the highlighted areas in the post. 
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