Making it your own

My favorite thing to do is make Christmas cards.  So, all of a sudden, it's like Christmas making card time.  How the hell did that happen?  I mean, didn't I just post something in July?  Did you know it's November already?  Don't answer that!

In the mean time, I've acquired a few new goodies to share.  One of them being, the Simon Says Stamp (SSS) Christmas Card kit
Okay, so it's kind of a mess and there may be a lot of stuff scattered about not included in the kit.  You can see the box is open.  Don't mind me, I've got a lot going on here.

The process of a creative mind can be completely chaotic but to put it in perspective, I'd like to share a great technique that has been duplicated by many a you tuber, I'm assuming.  I think it's a great way to utilize your stamps and supplies.  I'm just going to show it to you anyway.

Make your own back round and or patterned paper:

You'll need stamps, versamark/watermark ink, paper, embossing powder and (not pictured) heat tool.
Choose a stamp that you can continuously, seamlessly repeat on a boring piece of white card stock.  Then ink up your stamp with versamark ink and press it to your boring white paper.

When the image is stamped, cover it completely with embossing powder then heat set it with your heat tool.
Repeat the steps of inking the stamp and heating the embossing powder until your paper is completely covered and you come up with something like this:
Now use it for whatever you want!

I used mine for this Christmas Card.  Simple but cool as in texture and all around fun to do!
Hope you have fun trying this technique out.  Even if you just said you had fun, I'd be okay with that too.


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