Now That Valentine's Day is Over...

I had grandiose expectations for a well thought out, functional, yet cute little Valentine's Day project. You know, something you can keep on your desk or give to a friend that likes to decorate for the holidays at work (there's always one).  The project fell flat on it's face after I remembered how much I despise Valentine's Day in all it's chocolate loving glory. 

I don't like chocolate (gasp)! I do like love.  I don't like cheesy, over the top PDA love, but the thought of one so in love as to not able to contain their emotions is nice, in a rape whistle kind of way. 

Maybe I just have to be in the mood to create.  Despite the inspiring paper lines and plethora of embellishments I acquired sans forty percent off coupon (tax return came in, so I was good), I still couldn't find my muse and instead ended up with this...
Four wooden Blocks.  It only takes four letters to spell love.  Unfortunately for me, it takes some imagination to make those letters look nice.
So, I applied gesso and white paint to those alphabet wannabee blocks of wood.
x four!

I went to the messy side of my desk and attempted to make a card from my Simon Says Stamp February Card Kit while the paint dried.  I love those kits, if you didn't already know.

A long the way I put paper on those blocks.  I cut out hearts and the word "love" and I painstakingly applied everything with a layer of matte modge podge to ensure durability, but I didn't bother to take any pictures of that process.

That should have been a clue right there as to how my project was to turn out!

Everything was fine until the last minute when I decided a bit of Black Soot distress ink was needed (it was not needed)!  And I ended up with this ugly mess...

I think I'll save altering wooden blocks for another holiday, what do you think? 
That was a rhetorical question by the way...


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