My Fave Monday...Coloring

Well, it's really not my favorite.  I want it to be, and with all the laws of attraction on my side, I'm willing it to be.  It's a Secret I've read, that is pretty much bul&sh#t and it's in a book that pretty much sucks.  If you've read it, I'm sorry...Truth is, I still can't color but I'm going to keep trying.

I always used to think an artist was someone who could color and draw.  I know different now.  More like, I know better!  I consider all the things I make as art.  And I think of myself as an artist continually trying to improve my craft.  So here goes on the crafting...

Santa must of thought I was really good last year...look what I got!
Or more like he thought I deserved them for all the crap I went through last year..either way, it worked out!
I'm a happy artist with the tools to be a better colorer..eeerrr..something.

I fell in admiration of the Derwent Inktense color pencils the minute I watched this video .  With traditional watercolor pencils the colors are always so muted.  I get that it lends to the watercolor effect but with these pencils the colors stay vibrant, even on darker card stock.

I tried them out by stamping and embossing white on white card stock. The great thing about these pencils is that you can pick up the vibrant color straight from the tip and use it like a paint.  No need to color the image first, although, you's not like there are rules for using these pencils.

So pretty!  I'm still working on that image.  I plan to cut it out and use it on a card...this coloring thing takes patience...something else I'm working on!

As far as the markers, I know there is technique to using them, I just haven't learned that part yet.  Here I stamped a leaf and used three or four markers in the "green" package.  The Spectrum Noir markers come in color family packs that take the guessing work out of trying to find the right blend.  
Cut the stamped image out, go around the edges with a black marker to define and it's a perfect addition to any card.  Here's a simple card I made earlier, just playing around with my markers.
After coloring I sprayed the flower and leaf with a mixture of perfect pearls in "pearl" and water in a spray bottle.  Great way to add sparkle to any project.'s My Fave this Monday!  So, in a world of printable colored images and designer patterned paper you could just cut away at, give coloring a try.  If anything, it will get you to use some of those stamps you've been hoarding
wait...maybe that's just me.


  1. oooooo I'm a little jealous about those pencils. I've been thinking about them, but I already have some pencils, so I'm trying to be good. I do have the SN markers though, and have been pleased with them. Word to the wise, make sure you doublecheck that the tops are fully on.....sometimes when you're in a coloring frenzy they don't end up on all the way. Enjoy your goodies!

  2. thanks for the tip on the tips ;)


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