My Fave Monday...Christmas Ornaments

I kinda sorta have a lot of glitter.  Not because I like it, but more because I found it on sale and thought, I could use it....sometime...on something.  I hate the mess of glitter.  I admit, I have a tendency to be accident prone.  And the fact that I can't even finish a glittered project without finding it in my hair, on my clothes, all over my desk and on the floor is the part of the "crafting mishap" story that starts with, "you wouldn't believe what I made today..."  So I'm a sucker for shiny things at a good price, what can I say?
That's a rhetorical question.

I did, however, find a great use for all that glitters while watching Ranger Ink Crafting Videos on YouTube.  I thought I would try it out myself, and then if it worked, share it here with you.

It worked!

Here are the supplies you'll need:
Glossy Accents Adhesive
Clear glass bulb ornament 
Piece of printer paper to funnel glitter into bulb.
Mix one part water with one part glue.  Take the top off your ornament then pour the glue/water solution into the bulb and swirl mixture around until the entire bulb is coated with the solution.  
Pour out excess glue.  Now that the inside of the bulb is coated you can pour your glitter onto your piece of paper and funnel it into your bulb.
Swirl the glitter around the bulb to coat, just like you did with the glue.
When the bulb is completely coated on the inside with glitter tap out excess onto your paper and then use the paper to funnel the glitter back into it's container.  The paper just makes for minimal mess and easy clean up, which is a good thing for me...well, you know that already!

Replace the top to the glass bulb ornament then decorate as desired!  What's great about this technique is that it's no mess!  All the glitter is captured inside the ornament so none of it will get on your hands, clothes, hair, desk, floor..hmm, sounds familiar.

Here's mine all decorated.  I think it looks a bit silly with just the two gold leaves on the side, I should have placed more all around to balance it out but it's not bad for a first try.

Another picture, just closer.  I got a new camera and any chance I get to take a picture of something, I take two...or three or more...

Handmade ornaments are a yearly tradition in my house and My Fave this Monday.


  1. Looks lovely! Thanks for sharing! I'm all about sparkles too!



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