My Fave Monday...Box Cards

Over a year ago I saw a tutorial on how to make a box card.  Right away, I assemble all needed materials and got down to paper folding business...then, I never made another one ever again!  Why I decided and or even remembered this unique card is due to my complete self absorbed competitive nature.  And the fact that I want to send my friend a nicer card than I sent them last year.  Go Team Me!  Nothing like saying "Please like me" in the form of a square patterned paper masterpiece!

The video description of this somewhat easy, unique card, yet completely confusing paper project, can be found here:

I have a series of photos that I took while creating the hopefully more fantastic than last years card.  I understand if you have issues following pictures because I have a lot here.  I struggle with patience issues too.  One of these days I'll muster up the courage and said patience to do my own video!

First you'll need an 8 1/2 x11 piece of double sided patterned paper.
I chose paper from the Authentique 12x12 Festive Collection Paper Pack. 
Then you need to score your paper.  Width:  2" 1/8 on either side...
Turn your paper and score the length 1"1/4 and again at 3"3/8 on either side...
After you make all your score lines, fold your paper

And fold up the ends
Now it's time for the corners.  Fold each end of the paper to make four triangles.  Use your bone folder to flatten the paper as it can get bulky at this point in making the card.
Here all four corners are made.  Now is about the time I want to bail on the pictures and just say watch the video.  She's one of my favorite YouTube subscriptions and I'm sure you won't be disappointed.

Unfold your paper and now with the long side up fold in both short sides to look like this...then fold the 1"1/4 score over the short sides to look like you've just made a box card!
Embellish as desired.  I used MFT dies, EK success punches, trim and stickers from the collection to finish my card.  The belly band measures: 1"x10" patterned paper and 1" 1/8 x 10"1/8 mat.  Inside mat measures: 4"x4" patterned paper and 4"1/4 x 4"1/4 mat.

Finished Card: Outside
I honestly realize you didn't get any of this by now...
Box Card folding and picture taking extravaganza!
It's My Fave this Monday!

Just for reference sake:
Use 8" 1/2x11" paper
score on width: 2" 1/8 on either side
score on length: 1" 1/4 and 3" 3/8 on either side

Inside mat: 4" 1/4 x 4" 1/4 square.  Layering paper 4"x4" square
Belly Band: 1" 1/8x10" 1/8 mat.  Layering paper 1"x10"

Have Fun!

disclaimer:  By no way is this my original idea.  If and when I feel inspired to share, I always post links to the appropriate parties.  It's no fun to take credit where credit is not deserved.  I'd rather just share the knowledge and all the links to the places I bought a bunch of crafting stuff!


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