My Fave Monday...Christmas Cards + Giveaway!

It really is my favorite, as in, hands down, if I had to choose one thing to make, I would choose to make Christmas cards, favorite. Unfortunately cards are just old fashioned now.  They've gone the wayside to everything that is electronic greeting, except for Christmas and maybe Birthdays.  I do get one or more cards in the snail mail every now and again when family or friends remember.

In my world, Christmas cards stand the test of time despite technology.  It's always nice to receive and give this time of year and one of the best ways is with a handmade card that shows the appreciation and thought, not only in the work it takes to make one, but to the recipient who gets to have one.  It makes me smile. And as long as it does, I'll keep on making them with the help of some pretty amazing stamp and paper lines available this season.

Year after year, how they keep coming up with this stuff just amazes me.  Like a crafting lemming, I gobble it all up as if there's no tomorrow.  This year maybe not so much, since I've found the Simon Says Stamp Card Kit but still, I'm all in when it comes to retail inspiration. 

I made this card with my new kit along with inspiration from Kristina Werner's Holiday Card Video
I'm so not a Copic color er...especially since the day I found my Copic Markers in my daughter's backpack after a long hiatus from my crafting space.  She pretty much ruined them and I've since decided not to invest in the means to repair the damage she so selfishly inflicted during her stint with my stolen Copics.  I just don't have the patience to color anyway and find it more satisfying to look at other peoples' ability to do so more than my own.  Having said all that, I did color this image myself! And I did use my Copic Markers, well, what I had left of them anyway!

I went with my go to card stock, Paper Trey Ink, when I made these Christmas cards.  I've been making cards for years now and since I've found Paper Trey Ink Card stock, I can't say that I like any other more than I like them.  I'm biased that way.

So much so, I have a pack of my absolute favorite to just give away.  Fifty sheets of premium, Vintage Cream Card stock to anyone who is a follower of my blog and comments on this post. 
That's all, nothing special.  I just think, if you're going to be inspired to make a card then why not start with a good card stock, especially this time of year when giving is just as good as receiving!

It's my fave this Monday, and I hope it's yours.

Well, enough to make you want to follow and comment at least!

Giveaway ends Monday, November 19, 2012! 


  1. My daughter would so steal my markers too! I have to keep an eye on her everytime she goes near my crafting are....which unfortunately is the dining room and too accessible. I've just started coloring and haven't been crazy about the cardstock I'm currently using, would love to try this out. Thanks so much for your generosity/chance to win!

  2. I am sure she had fun with you copics;))) I have some promarkers and I like them. your cards are pretty, I love making Christmas cards.


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