My Fave Monday...

Already?  I've got nothing!  Well, that's not entirely true.  I, apparently have a lot of scrap booking supplies.  That fact, in and of itself, could be a complete understatement...just saying. 

Two days ago, I'll call it Saturday, I decided the garage needed a good cleaning.  We were putting away all the Halloween decorations anyway, so why not take full advantage of the meaning of efficiency and clean up while we're at it?  It's a great idea in theory but not so great in actuality. 

What happened is I found a boat load of crafting crap, amid the usual seasonal crap, I've managed to accumulate, in the garage.  And ever since finding it, I feel like a hoarder.  I say that only because I can't fathom putting this stuff out for trash or even giving it away.  I mean, I paid good money for a lot of this stuff!  Some of it, I've received as gifts and I'd be willing to give it up but some have value.
I'm embarrassed to say that the six plastic bins, I could have swore were seasonal clothes, belonging to every member of my family, are in fact, miscellaneous craft crap.  Oh, and no longer do they reside in my now spic n' span garage,but are nestled neatly in my once walk in bedroom closet. 

Hello, my name is Adelle and I'm a craftoholic!

I have a brand new wedding scrapbook here in this's brand new!  Look, there's a cute little CM album still in the plastic wrap!  Why am I keeping this stuff???

More unused albums and paper and more paper. It's almost nostalgic in a way to see the supplies I started out with.  I have Creative Memories albums coming out of my ears here and I don't even use their stuff anymore.  I do give them credit for starting me on my hoarding journey...More like blaming, is what I mean.

I'm posting this in the hopes I'm not the only one trapped in a supply hoard, thinking, someday, I'll eventually use it all.  Maybe this is just the first step to my recovery...and my favorite for this Monday.


  1. Lol
    I feel your pain....I have giant totes of Stampin up card stock (I used to sell it) It will probably desintagrate before I can use it....but it's good stuff! I was watching "Hoarders" while I was scrapping the other day....every time one of my peeps came into the room I got nervous.....I just knew one of them would glance at the TV and then look at me accusingly LOL

  2. Oh I love Stampin up card stock! (reminding myself I don't need any) Lol, I cracked up at you "Hoarders" story! ;)
    Great comment, Thank you!


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