My Fave Monday...Twinchies???

In an eager attempt to jump start my recent lag in the creativity department, I joined a group of amazingly talented women on Facebook, in a Twinchie Swap.  I know you may be asking, "What's a Twinchie?" At first glance, the word reads a bit inappropriate in my mind, akin to something that might get your hand slapped if you tried it more than once. 

A Twinchie is a two inch by two inch piece of art.  Simple as that.  Some like to collect them or trade like an Artist Trading Card (ATC).  I've heard they're a popular alternative to the ATC due the smaller size and the time invested to make them.  Time is relative when it come to art, and after my little stint at making these so called "Twinchies", I'd have to disagree on the whole popular concept and more than less embrace a miniature pain in the a$$ stance! 

Of course, I mean no disrespect to those who love to make these inappropriately named pieces of a$$...err..I mean art.  And I get that I signed up naively for this challenge, but these little buggers annoy me to no end and if anything, stunt the creative process with their size alone!  I don't care to argue, but clearly, size does matter in certain aspects.

So, after hours of trying to decide the appropriate direction of my art, I made four of these 2x2 originals, one for each of my partners.  I thought I was golden, done, easy peasy, and I left them on my desk for several days, a week maybe, waiting to hear from anyone in my swap as to where they were to be sent...nothing.  Until I came across a post asking if we were all done. 

If I hadn't of checked, I wouldn't of known.  It's a good thing I did because I had lost track of the thread and apparently there were five people in our swap, not four.  Oh, and we were to make four for each partner, not one each!  So, there I was sixteen short when all along I had thought I was done!  Crap!

I did them, albeit late, but I made them and they're in the mail on their way.   I'm always really good about challenges I sign up for, this one, I admit, I dropped the ball.  I swear, I'm a good swap partner!  Talk about a sentence you could take on a tangent...I should really shut up now!

I used two paper collections in the construction of my little bitty pieces of can find them here:
amy tangerine sketchook 6x6 paper pad
crate paper story teller 6x6 paper pad

I also used some flowers from my Simon Says Stamp card kit.  I know, I know, I'm always linking something to this card kit but I think it's been one of my best investments and can't say enough good things about it.
Simon Says Stamp Card Kit


  1. Wow, that must have been stressful when you found out you didn't make the right amount. I hate working under pressure. It's great that you pulled it off though! And the twinchies look great. I'm sure your partners will be happy :)

  2. It was my fault, I hope they like them ;) Thanks for listening to my rantings, lol! I always appreciate it.


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