My Fave Monday...Art is Perspective

I recently signed up for an Artist workshop at the urging of my best friend.  I had thought about taking the workshop but not fully committed to the thought until her encouraging and enthusiastic words motivated me into actually hitting the "pay now" button.

The workshop is called Your Living Canvas.  It is a six week course filled to the brim with project videos, techniques and journal exercises all of which are done by Christy Tomlinson.  I shared the info for this class on a previous post, I know, but it was brief and an attempt at winning some much needed supplies.  I didn't win btw...booooo!!!  Better luck next time (story of my life) I, no I'm not bitter at all!

Last week was the first week of this workshop and as usual, I showed up completely unprepared.  I have this tendency to procrastinate when I feel that I "have" to do something.  I've been that way my whole life. I think by now I would've grown out of that phase.  Nope.  I still do it.

There is a certain sort of impulsiveness when it comes to procrastination.  I understand those two words don't really belong together in a sentence but really, they are one in the same to me.  When I put things off I rush to get all the things I'm supposed to do in order to get said deed done, there in lies the impulse and my reason for procrastination.

That is why I am so struggling with the first order of this class.  We are to journal about life altering people and circumstances.  Pick three, she says, and write about how they affect your life now and then and what you've learned.  Really?  I can't rush through that!  I can't even pick three so far!  Right now, I've got a good five figured out and wonder how I'm going to whittle those down minus two.

Despite the fact that I am struggling with the assignment, I enjoy the challenge.  It keeps me thinking.  It's the reason I am recommending this workshop/class along with any others to begin with.  It's perspective.  That is exactly what Art means to me.  Art is a perspective of something you may have that may not be the same as someone else.   Opening the door to communicate a "different perspective" is a great way to learn and grow as an artist.  Besides, it's just fun to change things up once in a while.

So, because I'm not so much of a rule follower and I wanted to procrastinate on my journal exercise, I decided to play with some paint instead.

This is only the second mixed media canvas I've ever made.  I love the colors.  I'm hoping to get my hands on some India Ink Pens so the images will stand out more on the canvas.
Until then, I'll keep looking for a different Perspective.  It is My Fave this Monday.
 I hope you do too!


  1. Adelle, you have done beautifully. I can only hope that once I start my mixed media pieces, that my 10th one could turn out this fabulous. It is a great piece really. It brings a lot of ideas to mind as I stare at it. Great Job and so glad you are enjoying the procrastination of the course...LOL!
    Jessica S

  2. Gorgeous piece! Love all of the details! Jessica from up above sent me over! :) Happy to be a new follower!


  3. Jessica also sent me over. I'm also taking "Your Living Canvas". I haven't started yet though. (speaking of procrastination) Did you make the wings and housed yourself? This piece is very good. I like it a lot. Looking forward to seeing more...

  4. I really love the piece you's really creative and gorgeous. As for the journaling, it will come to you when it comes to you.. don't push it. I think you're doing the right thing by letting the creative brain take over - before you know it, the journaling will come pouring out of you.

  5. Thanks so much for the positive feedback. I hesitated posting pictures of my canvas because I didn't think it was that great but I am my worst critic so far (aren't we all sometimes)! Oh, and a big Thank you to Jessica for sharing my post! That's some awesomeness right there! ;)

  6. Hi Adelle! Jessica recommended your blog to me on FB :D Your canvas turned out great and the classes you're taking sound like a blast. I like to dabble in Mixed Media myself and like to think there are no rules, just an extension of how you're feeling. I'm gonna follow along too, can't wait hear/see more from your workshop!

  7. I used to love art class in school. On my own, I used to make collages, which were a lot of fun. I love the imperfect style and I like abstract art mostly. Good luck with your class. I think it's great that you're stepping outside of yourself to try something new. Plus, you'll be able to meet other artists :)


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