My Fave Monday...Cigar box

I've been preoccupied to say the least these last couple of days.  My birthday is tomorrow.  I've never been one of those who just brushes off a birthday, like it's just another day.  No, I'm the one who celebrates, despite the lingering truth of a childlike, forty year old  residing within!  As usual and as always  I order my white cake with strawberries and whip cream frosting and light up the candle just like I did at twenty five!  Why not, celebrate life?!  Be happy to just be and the fact that I still have two years left...before forty! ;)

Besides my birthday, my fave this Monday is my very first and not certainly the last...altered cigar box.
I started this project before we started the tile work on our living room floors.  I have to say, I like it, despite the irritating effort it took to take apart the hardware, then patiently put it all back together again.  A simple fact that my recipient will have no clue of, only the contents of this box will they be appreciate of, oh, and maybe the outside decoration... I'm hoping, crossing fingers!
We are to fill it with flowers.  I put extra things inside along with the flowers because I think that is what you do when you want someone to appreciate the effort along with the present.  Swaps, I'm learning, are all about the giving instead of the receiving!  I think someone needs to put these rules into writing because really, things can get out of hand!

I'm new to swaps but from what I've done so far,  I really like the opportunity to share more than anything and just have someone else appreciate my work, well, that's enough to make me come back for more.

I participate in swaps on Creating the crafty life but I'm certain you can sign up on other forums.  Face book is a great way to get involved...YouTube too!  They're my fave this Monday...get involved in the crafting community, swap, post, because you never know who'll be watching.  It could be your new best friend or your new outlet to creativity!  Looking forward to seeing you there.  And I thank you for reading, if not just for the info in the first place!


  1. You did a gorgeous job! What a lucky recipient! And you know when you give you receive! I'm a new follower!

  2. thanks so much for the lovely comments. it's encouraging and I appreciate the feedback :)


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