My Fave Monday...My Craft Room

I am very fortunate.  I realize the simple fact that I can allocate a complete room to my artistic nonsense  is a blessing upon itself because I once was a closet, dining room only craftier/artist.  I get the those of us who can go full speed ahead on a project because we've got the room to do it.  I get it.  You don't have to 'splain it to me.  I'm on your side, you see...

Now that I start to complain about my immediate circumstance, don't get your panties all in a bunch over it! It happens, especially when you get used to having your own space.

My husband decided to re tile our entire downstairs yesterday.  I know, it wasn't a decision that he just willy nilly came up with out of the blue and without consulting me.  I knew it was coming.  I guess I didn't realize the extent of demolition involved, especially since I started altering a cigar box and signed up for an online art class all on the same day last week.

Really, I thought all this renovation would be done in a couple days.  Silly me!  Now that everything is covered in dust and little pieces of broken tile, I can tell is so not done!

Although he assures me it will be completed next week.  I will try not and complain too much knowing that I'm one of the fortunate ones.  I'll just smile and nod and wish for the dust free, art filled days of the past.

My craft room is my absolute fave this week, I miss it and I thank you for understanding.  :-)


  1. im sure you will love the new floor when its all done and the dust will be a thing of the past. i know what you mean about being a closet crafter that was a long time ago for me but looking back and haveing my own space now i never want to go back to the kitchen table lol
    enjoy the new floor lovey when its all done! hugs kimmie

  2. Thank you for the comment on how hard it is to be creative when your space is half your bedroom like limes or a closet! I feel you on wanting your space back! Im praying for quick repairs food your floor!

    1. Fingers crossed! It should be done this weekend ;) thanks!


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