My Fave Monday...paper flowers

Awhile back I watched a YouTube tutorial on how to make a dimensional flower out of flat, Ala Prima, flower petals we all have tons of in our stash.  Well, I guess I shouldn't speak for all.  It's more like, "I" have tons in "MY" stash or rather, hoard of paper crafting products. 

Yeah, I'll own it!  I have way too much of a good thing going on in my craft room.  Any help or inspiration I can get for using the things I already have without going out and buying something new is a consideration.  Depending on the cool factor of said inspiration.  I have standards, you know.

The thing is, I can't remember who it was I watched or what channel.  It is so simple and so easy that I can't resist not sharing the technique.  It just sucks that I can't give credit where credit is due. So, for the record, this is so not my idea!

Here it is!
You will need six flower petals.  I know, I know, there are only five petals in the picture but the sixth one is for the base of your flower and like an idiot I didn't add that one to the picture. 

So, here's the sixth petal...
 This will be the base that you adhere all five of the other flower petals to. 

Take your first petal and fold it in half.
 Get your glue gun handy and fold the petal in half again, using a dot of glue to adhere the fold together

Now, take your newly folded petal and adhere it to the base petal with the glue.

I know, there are a lot of pictures but stay with me!  Repeat the prior steps with the remaining petals.
You're almost done!  Take the very last petal and glue it right in the center on top of all the others.
Six flat petals + folding +glue gun=a standout paper flower!  Love it!  
I decided mine needed some color.
After several sprays of the Tattered Angels Chalkboard mist, this is my result.  Pretty, huh?

I hope you give this technique a try and have fun with it!


  1. I saw this tutorial and i can't remember who posted it either!!!! Thanks for reminding me about this...I have a gazillion of these and rarely use them. I need to find one of those detail flueguns though, where did you get yours?

  2. I think my glue gun is just a regular one. I got it at walmart. The fine tip glue guns are so neat and I want to get one. Joannes has one. I just never go there because they're on the other side of town. There's always online though :)


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