My Fave Monday...Adhesives

I've been on the hunt for the perfect paper crafting adhesive ever since I started scrap booking with that annoying little Creative Memories tape runner.  I know, a lot people swear by the CM tape runner but when I use it, I mostly swear at it!
The fact that I had to somehow finagle the little tape and feed it with one finger, while simultaneously adhering it to my project, made me think there's got to be an easier way.  Come to find out, there is!

Over the years I've amassed quite the collection of different adhesives.  

Wanna see?
Who knew there were so many ways to glue?

Each one has a purpose, depending on the project and object of desired adhesion.  On the other hand, some are just redundant and a waste of time and money. 

I sincerely thought my search was over in 2008 when I plunked down $50 for a Scotch ATG gun.  The initial investment was quite pricey but when you do the math on the replacement tape, you can't beat paying only $2 for 108 feet of strong permanent adhesive compared to the $4 or $5 30 ft. replacement tape of some other brands. 

Though, the clunkiness of the devise has wore on me the past few years.  It's the fact that I have to order in bulk to get the best price on replacement tape that has been a pain in the asterisks, stars, spirals and exclamations.

If you look real close in my photo of many adhesives you'll find only one that is completely empty!
It's this one, right here!

This little thermoweb tape runner XL is my FAVE this Monday and everyday after, so far, until I find anything better!  :-)

The reason it's my favorite is the 50 ft. of permanent adhesive it comes with, which is more than most, and the fact that it doesn't gunk up and goes onto my project smooth without effort.  Sure, it's nearly half of what you get with the ATG but it holds just as well or better.  It's a nobrainer refill system.  Open it up, pop it in, and your done!  Oh, and it's easy on the wrist, as in, no clunkiness!

I get mine at, but you can easily purchase it at your local Michaels store...
coupon in hand!


  1. lol Your pile of adhesives look like mine! I go back and forth between the YES paste and tape runner.....still looking for something to love. I'll have to pick one of these up. Thanks for sharing! Misty

  2. I don't think you can have just "one" adhesive because there are so many things besides paper that I like to craft. When it comes to just the paper, and photos I use the thermoweb though. I still have my ATG and use it but not nearly as much. I tried the YES paste because of you! It works really good but I'm so messy with it ;) there's got to be a better technique that I don't know about yet, lol!


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