Perfect Pearls Backround Technique

I always forget I have these little jars of pearlescence goodness.  Not because I don't like to use them but more because they're tucked away in the back of a drawer filled with all my other shiny making things.

The other day, while shuffling through said drawer, I came across them and decided to make a Thank You Card for my Mom.  She was so thoughtful and sent me and my family a wonder box of Christmas presents.

She has this knack for getting me things I would so love to have but never buy for myself.  Thanks to her, I have the most comfortable pajamas I've ever owned now!  They're warm and fuzzy and I find it hard to part with them each morning...or afternoon, lately, when I finally get around to entering the land of the living.

Anyway...onto the card!

I started my card with a standard A2 size (4.25x5.5) piece of Papertrey ink Card stock.  I chose three colors of the seven Perfect Pearls that I have here and sorted through my back round stamps until I found one I liked.
First thing I did was cover my stamp with Perfect Medium.  Its a clear ink that is necessary for the powder to stick to the stamped design.

Then I picked a color and pounced the powder with my brush onto my stamped card front. It's important to not brush the color but to tap or pounce it because that way it will offer better coverage to the stamped design.
Another option and for brighter results, is to use dark colored card stock.  I chose white, which doesn't show up very well in the photo.  It went well with the other elements of the card, so, that is why I chose it.

After I applied all the colors I desired onto my stamped image it had to be set with water.  Perfect Pearls has a built in resin that reacts when wet and makes the image permanent after it has dried.  I mixed some of the gold powder into a spray bottle filled with water and spritzed the front of my card.  It not only sets my image but now I have a bottle of shimmery gold water that I can spray on other projects and cards to add a bit of sparkle.
Finally, I added some patterned paper vellum, cardboard die cut leaves, twine and a stamped greeting to my back round.  This is my finished card.

  Perfect Pearls are a fun and nice alternative to your average ink stamped image.  Give them a try!


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