My Fave Monday...Snowman Soup

It's Monday again?  How did that happen?  I swear, during the holiday season, time flies by so fast.  I'm busy taking care of other things and people instead of taking the time for me.  It's a difficult balance to master.  And one I struggle to keep up with, not just during the holidays, but throughout the year.  I'm not special.  I know it's a circus act for a lot people.

Here's an idea, to keep the balance in mind.  A small homemade gift that can remind me, you and our chosen recipient to sit down, enjoy a moment...and a cup of Snowman Soup.

You'll need a cup...preferably empty and clean.
This is the cup I chose.  I have a box of twelve cups that I bought one year for $3 at a Target after Christmas clearance.  It's nice to have matching cups if you'd like to make multiple of these to give as a gift set.  It's not necessary though.  Any cup will work, because you or they will just be drinking out of it anyway.  And enjoying the thoughtful gift more than the container it came in.

Then fill it up with candy goodness.
One packet of instant cocoa with marshmallows, one candy cane, and a hand full or rather, cup full, of Hershey kisses. 

That's it!  Package it up nice and pretty inside a clear bag with ribbons, bows and this cute little poem that you can print out from:  Or, you can hand write the poem on a tag and attach to the cup, for a more personalized look.

My finished cup of Snowman Soup.

Snowman soup poem
Was told you've been real good this year.
I'm always glad to hear it!
With freezing weather drawing near,
You'll need to warm the spirit.
So here's a little Snowman Soup
Complete with stirring stick.
Add hot water, sip it slow.
It's sure to do the trick!

It's my fave homemade gift, to give and receive this busy holiday season.


  1. Love it! I used to make something very similair years ago. These are great to keep in the pantry for neighbors and friends who pop by. Thanks for reminding me of this!


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