My Fave Monday...Christmas song

It's not until I actually take a look at my Christmas Card  list, sometime after Thanksgiving, that I realize I didn't make enough cards yet, to fulfil the list.  I always think I'm ahead of the game when it comes to card making.  I do it all year round, so, why wouldn't I be?

Most likely it has something to do with my discriminating tastes.  Some of the cards I make just aren't "good enough", I think.  And some people deserve nicer, special cards, that take more time to make, simply because I like them more or I think they're special.  I figure, if I'm making the card, then I can discriminate.  Why not?  Most likely, they're the ones who put more effort into me, so therefore, I put more effort in for them.  We all have people in our lives like that.  Quid pro quo.

Not everyone is created equal, despite the popular, false, theory that I have, and I assume, you have, heard.  There are some crappy people in this world.  I like to stay away from them.  And me, being one of the nicer people out there, I'd suggest you stay away from them too.  It just makes for happier moments.  I'm all about the less headache causing scenarios in my day.

With Christmas comes lists.  I mean, I never hear someone ask another to jot down a story about why they want and or need a gift, unless they might be writing to the Ellen show. No, they want the list of gifts.  The, right to the point, let me check it off, kind of sequence that has a definite beginning and certain ending.

I don't do lists.  They're not a part of my "normal" day to day existence.  I don't like them.  I'd like to say,  I'm spontaneous that way, but really, it just gives me and out if I don't complete something.
i.e.: "it wasn't on the list, so, therefore, it didn't exist!"

I'm not recommending having that kind of attitude if you really want to accomplish, say, pretty much anything.  It doesn't work. I know, from many years of just flying by the seat of my pants.

What makes the journey fun, I mean, the whole "flying" part, is music.  I love music.  It's a motivator, unlike any other, when it comes to me actually finishing something. If I want to clean the house, on goes the music.  When I'm cooking, on goes the music.  And when I'm sitting at my craft desk, staring at the one list I make each and every year, on goes the Christmas music.

Give me Bing Crosby, singing "Round and Round the Christmas Tree", to get me into the spirit of Christmas and making cards.  It's not his most popular song, and it's one most people don't even recognize when mentioning his Christmas songs but it's one of my favorites.

It's my Fave this Monday, so, I'd like to share it with you. Sing along!
Wait, I'm pretty sure I'm the only one who knows the words to this song...


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