Blockhead Friday

In reference to the maddening event that rears it's ugly head every year the day after Thanksgiving, a friend of mine coined this phrase; "Blockhead Friday" instead of the known "Black Friday".  Completely fitting and so amusing, I laughed every time I read that.
Yeah, I read it more than once.
I like to laugh.

I'm so not one to purposely subject myself to a crowd of strangers, even if it's for a good cause, like saving money.  There is no amount of money that could get me out of my house to go elbow to elbow with people who seem to have disregard for common courtesy or ignorance to the definition of manners.


I like civility and personal space.  I experienced Black Friday once in recent years, just so I would know what I’m talking about when I decided to write about it in the future.  Well , that’s a bit of a stretch…

My girls asked Santa for Nintendo Dsi’s that year and they were so good.  Good enough, that I thought the Black Friday price at Target was worth getting up a 3 O’gawd in the morning.  Boy, was I wrong!  That day is reminiscent of the only other time I’ve come close enough to a panic attack, which is every single time we drive over the Columbia River on that big steel bridge.  I’m sure it’s ready for collapse every year we make that journey.

It hasn't happened yet but odds are...and if we go EVERY year...I'm just saying.

So, what did I do for Black Friday?
I shopped!
Yes, I shopped a lot.

In the convenience of my own home, on my own time and all by myself, all for myself...uh, I didn't mean too but it sorta just ended up that way.  I'm an artist.  I need supplies to feed my creativity.  It's just so.
I would gladly take a picture of my bounty of product but it's just not here yet.

I'll get to everyone else on the list Cyber Monday...make that "My Fave Monday" because that's the phrase I've creatively coined.  Yeah, I know,  it's not that funny...

Where did you go?  What did you buy?  Did you brave the crowds on Black Friday or were you as smart as me to stay home?

Just an F.Y.I.

Here's where I did the most damage...check them out!


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