My, it really is!

This is my little corner of the house.  It's supposed to be the dining room but who has a "formal" dining room these days anyway?  Not me.  I have an albeit simply decorated, handmade table, displayed space full of crafting goodness that I'm grateful for each day I get the urge to just make something...
and it's pretty awesome.

This room has been a work in progress the last three years but so much more than I've ever had compared to the seven years I've been crafting.  It all started out with an invite to a Creative Memories party...Oh, I've heard that one before and not just because I'm the one who said it!  I like preserving memories in an acid free environment just like the best of 'em but can't help wonder if my penchant for paper and pens at the age of nine led me to this art filled space years before the invite.  I'm still an avid pen collector, although I realize now that having numerous colors of the same pen does not make them any different in their writing abilities, so, therefore I have cut down on the masses of utensils acquired over the years made for journaling.

 I started out paper crafting in 2004 with a simple scrapbook of my oldest daughter's first Christmas.  I sometimes go back and look at the album and think "who had a sticker sneeze all over these great pictures"!?  Sigh...we live and learn.  Art is a progress and thank goodness I enjoy the process.

Now, with the plethora of product available to the masses, I've found a joy in altering objects like picture frames and boxes.  I also enjoy making mini albums but my greatest love thus far is Card Making.  It's like mini art and I get one or more done a day without agonizing over the creative process.

I'm here to share the things I create and hope you enjoy them just as much as I do! If you don't, that's okay too.  Art is as subjective as humor and sometimes you just don't "get it".


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